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Hello dear visitor!

This is the website dedicated to the Russian brand MyST - formed in early 2010 for the production of our first product - "combine" (ie, headphone amplifier and DAC in a single box) DAC1866OCU v1 .

From then to now the company's products has undergone several changes and has several new devices. As well as received many positive reviews, including in the biggest forum dedicated to audio - Deserved attention overseas models have MyST PortAmp - one of the most versatile and high-quality portable amps, at a cost less than half the competitors, but the quality double the many of them. Was also marked by another of our product is sold under the brand Mystify - Headphone Amplifier Fischer Audio HA-02.

The new product is PortaDac1866OCUB. This portable DAC was marked by consumers in Russia and overseas. It is based on multibit DAC converter AD1866. This model is quite popular both in Russia and abroad (from September 2012, this model become available for Japanese customers).

Unique portable PortaDAC1866OCUB has several, nowhere else occurring features, such as the presence 4-digital inputs, including wireless input - Bluetooth! Significantly expanded the area of ​​the use of the portable DAC. (See the picture below: PortaDAC1866 play sounds wireless from tablet Asus TF700T)

PortaDAC1866 and TF700 Asus

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