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Features of planar magnetic (isodynamic) headphones MyST

What is the difference between the Planar Magnetic (iso / orthodynamic) headphone of the MyST brand and of their competitors?

Firstly, it is the price / quality ratio. At a significantly lower price our headphones at least are not inferior to the audio quality of any model in the world, both foreign and Russian manufacture.

Moreover, we are personally convinced that MyST headphones surpasses the most of the world's "tops" by smoothness of sound, balance, attacks, speed, precision, detailing. And, the most important, they are better in accuracy, purity, low distortion at high frequencies. We try to deal with this scourge of modern sound - loose, rustling, sandy high frequencies that inherent in almost any "top".

Secondly, the MyST headphones are designed and manufactured in Russia. Yes, we order in China some individual components that not responsible for the sound. Simply because their manufacture in Russia is very expensive and takes a lot of time. But (!) the main work of assembling the loudspeakers and manufacturing the membrane is made only in Russia.
Yes, you didn’t mishear. We ourselves design and manufacture a membrane for our headphones. In Russia! Unlike most (if not all) foreign firms that manufacture membranes in China and India (HiFiMan, Audeze, OPPO, etc.), but position themselves as America, Europe or something else there.

Thirdly, the reliability of the membrane is distinguishes our product from the rest. And, as far as we know, it is distinguishes our product from all other known isodynamic headphones.
If you carefully follow the theme of isodynamic headphones, you will see that the breakdown of membranes and the low quality of their manufacture is a general trend. We ourselves have faced similar problems, as former distributors and as sellers of different goods. Moreover, we even refused to sell and distribute individual models, because the scheme "once sold - twice changed and once repaired" enrages very much. Especially in expensive goods. There were NO CASES OF DAMAGE of the membrane in our serial headphones for the entire period of operation. Moreover, we had defective membranes in the first debugging samples, which were physically damaged, but they worked!

Fourthly, the principles of selling our brand are slightly different from the generally accepted ones in the market scheme. The usual sales scheme is: "Manufacturer - distributor - dealer - final buyer". There is an increase in value at each stage. Moreover, one must consider that practically it doesn’t happen less than 25% of the profit at each stage. This is not a mass market, where a couple of percent is enough. Moreover, as a matter of fct, for the "high-end" it is normal when the profit for each step is 40-100% and higher.

We don’t work like that. We work according to the "producer-buyer" scheme. Therefore our product is significantly cheaper with significantly higher production culture and better sound quality and tens of times higher reliability. And that's why any competitor will always be worse with equal quality because we don’t have all this step-by-step structure for raising the price.

Fifthly, we use powerful, high quality rare-earth magnets in isodynamic headphones MyST. While many expensive Indo-Chinese products use much cheaper and low-quality weaker magnets made of material more reminiscent of magnetized plastic or lightweight ceramics.

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