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MyST DAC 2702 UAmp

Headphone amplifier

DAC 2702U AMP is a versatile device which comprises DAC and headphone amp. It can be used three ways. First way is a usage of built-in DAC only. Second way is usage of built-in amp only. The third way is DAC and headphone amp join usage.

To enable DAC function, DAC 2702U AMP should be connected to digital source through USB. After digital to analog conversion signal goes both through the built-in amp to headphones jacks and line-out. The last one can be burdened with active speakers or external power amplifier.

Line-in is provided to use DAC 2702U Amp in headphone amp mode. Line-in is made in form of two RCA jacks.

DAC back panel

The pair of headphone jacks are on the front of MyST DAC 2702U AMP. Both have a diameter of 1/8". The sound volume on both jacks regulates by single handle. The sound quality of MyST Hi-Amp does not depends on whether one or two headphones jacks assigned.

DAC + headphones

The impedance of headphones, can be from 8 to 600 ohms. Output power of MyST DAC 2702U AMP will be enough for what would provide a comfortable for most users the volume in the headphones with any sensitivity.

Resolution with which the amplifier is capable of transmitting the audio signal, allowing use it to work in the audio system, consists of a high quality components. It will shows in all its beauty revealing the features of each component of audio system, and not be a weak link in the chain of sound reproduction. Using this unit with a DAC and high-end headphones, you can hear a lot of previously unheard details in, it seemed, would have long been familiar to you music compositions.

DAC 2702U Amp has a drop of aggression in sounding which will surely suit melomaniacs’ taste if they they appreciate musical expressiveness and vitality. Built-in DAC provides even tonal balance and sound resolution compared to professional sound cards. Built-in DAC’s sound can be declared clear and transparent. MyST DAC 2702U AMP presents music with maximum naturalness, without any inventions and practically without distortions.

Black DAC

DAC with two phone jacks



DAC 2702

Front panel 2702

Back panel 2702

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