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We are glad to introduce this unique device to you. You could hardly find an amplifire of this kind and - most importanly - at that price somewhere else in the marke! In fact, PortAMP-II is very similar to another development of the MyST brand - HiAmp amplifier - but of a portable version and with the autonomous work option by dint of two removable accumulators of 18650 type.

PortAMP-II is made in accordance with the scheme of double mono. Moreover, each channel is powered by its' own accumulator in this scheme. Thereby, we get not only quite decent autonomy of the amplifier (according to the standards of portable HiFi) and excellent separation of channels, but also protection of the signal from voltage jumps and noise of mains supply.


When we mention decent autonomous work duration, we don’t mean that PortAMP-II is able to work with low-resistance and highly sensitive headphones spending minimum power. Not at all. In our case we talk about really complex and exacting headphones IzoPhones-60, with which the amplifier can work at least 7 hours.

(Note. Generally speaking, in our test, after 7 hours of working with isodynamic headphones, PortAMP-II worked for 3 more hours with "simple" ATH-40x headphones.Total - from 7 to 10 hours of autonomous work durations subject to ultimate load!)

As we already mentioned, PortAMP-II is a small copy of MyST HiAmp, so despite its portability there are no compromises in the amplifier regarding the audio quality.
The device provides extremely precise and universal sounding without any claims to genre or a combination with certain headphones.


As always, our policy is development of a universal amplifier capable of working with both aggressive rock / metal and the most gentle vocals. The same goes for headphones - you can use any headphones (at least 99.9% of all existing headphones in the world) that you like, regardless of their nature and technical capabilities.

It is also important to note that we used an audio volume control based on a resistive matrix (Nikitin regulator) in this model. The same one is installed in the stationary version of DAC1866OCU, which allows to achieve certain characteristics that is practically impossible in any potentiometers, regardless of their price and status of the manufacturer.

Such an audio volume control allows to achieve almost perfect channel balance at any power level, as well as the channel separation level. Unlike standard potentiometers the volume knob can be turned both to the maximum volume and to almost zero, and there will be no problems with the unbalance of the channels, neither in power nor in the tonal balance.

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