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MyST IzoPhones-30
planar magnetic (isodynamic) headphones
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There are many features of "branded" sound in MyST IzoPhones-30, that inherent in many of all the brand's products. As usual a lot of attention was given to attacks, speed, resolution of headphones. It were for them, there was chosen so rare, complex in production and expensive transducer - isodynamic.

At the moment an isodynamic transducer is considered as the most optimal for obtaining high-quality sound at home with relatively small means, as already mentioned. It is similar with an electrostatic transducer (that has established itself in audiophile environment) by the principle of "emission by a plane". But unlike it, an isodynamic transducer doesn’t require special amplifiers. This feature significantly expands the sphere of its use and reduces the cost of the "setup".

MyST IzoPhones-30

As for sounding, the IzoPhones-30 can be said to be very "quick", biting, neat headphones. Their main advantage is the absence of all "scene improvements" in the form of mumbling, buzzing of basses, long acoustic attenuation that creating volume effect, etc.

Someone may think that they "doesn’t hear very low frequencies" in this model. Well, we will not argue with them, because it's completely unclear what many people mean by these "very low frequencies" or under the "sub-bass" in the headphones. Most often we met the opinion that "sub-bass" in the headphones is the presence of a long acoustic attenuation and a filling low-frequency "background". We don’t agree with this fundamentally. Especially when you consider those people don’t "hear", but only "feel" low frequencies.

MyST IzoPhones-30

But there is much better with the "feeling" of low frequencies in this model than most competitors, regardless of the price tag. Often it can be noted that low frequencies are perceived under certain conditions as vibrations felt by the skull. You don’t hear "bass" much which, generally speaking, is practically unrealistic (based on medical facts - a cochlea that converts a sound signal into an electric signal in the inner ear, physically can’t perceive a low-frequency signal - please read the book "Musical Acoustics" by Aldoshina who doesn’t believe). In short, you don’t hear low frequencies, vibration, impact as much as you feel. As it should be when it comes about low frequencies. But you will need a good source and amplifier for this.

In general, character of color is almost neutral, unless with a small allotment of high frequencies and the lower midpoint. However, the degree of this allotment is rather gentle by the level and it is unlikely will create problems anywhere on any material.

MyST IzoPhones-30

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