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Many manufacturers are trying to make special character of earphones sound and tone balance to satisfy the taste preferences of some users. This character of the sound in some cases can give the sound a certain charm, but sometimes it is not appropriate for all music styles - for example, a soft, imposing bass that favorably affects the sounding of jazz and blues, can negatively affect the reproduction of heavy, aggressive music.

That is why we try to reduce the number of taste characteristics to a minimum and focus on measurable quality indicators in audio equipment MyST.

MyST Nail 1 along with Nail 2 is the first serial in-ear phones of our company (and, by the way, the first series of in-ear phones of domestic production). Their sounding fully corresponds to our approach to creating audio equipment. It is practically devoid of taste characteristics, due to which in-ear phones equally well cope with the reproduction of music of all genres and play every composition close to how it was recorded.

MyST Nail1

There is still a small deviation from neutrality in the sounding of MyST Nail 1, like of any other earphones, even the "most monitor" ones. The high frequencies and bass are slightly elevated in quantity in them, relative to the mid-range. This adds to the sounding a bit of expression, energy, makes bass parts more powerful, brighter, more spectacular, and it doesn't matter if it is bass drum or double bass, a special effect or an electronic rhythm section, and high-frequency cymbals, bells, violins, etc.

Such a slight color doesn’t interfere of the genre universality of the in-ear phones and doesn’t affect the naturalness of the sounding, because the mid-frequency range (in which the sounding of voices and of the most of instruments is included) remains "intact" - it is precise, clear, smooth in MyST Nail 1.

The main feature of MyST Nail 1 is the resolution. MyST Nail 1 and all other models concede perhaps only MyST Nail 2 by this parameter. But MyST Nail 1 win in all others excluding a couple of models with which Nail 1 are approximately at the same level.

MyST Nail1

High resolution for earphones is the excellent lеgibility, the ability to play complex compositions clearly with a large number of instruments. Also high resolution means a plenty of small nuances in sound: as "unmusical" details present on phonograms such as touching strings by fingers, rustles, squeaks, sounds from the auditorium; and those that are directly related to music - overtones, reverberations and damping which form the timbre of instruments and give the listener an opportunity to feel the approximate dimensions of the hall where music is being played.

As a result MyST Nail 1 are universal by genres and almost neutral earphones with a slight accent on the "bottoms" and "tops" which add a bit of power and expressiveness to a sound. And also MyST Nail 1 have an excellent resolution – by this parameter MyST Nail 1 win from the majority of headphones produced nowadays, and this makes it possible to consider MyST Nail 1 as the earphones of the highest class.

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